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One of the few distinct things that every human being on this earth has unique is their fingerprint. Fingerprint patterns and characteristics are formed before birth. They remain unchanged until decomposition destroys them after death. Even in the case of identical twins, fingerprints are said to be unique to each individual.

Latent fingerprints are invisible to the naked eye. As a result, these hidden prints must be developed in some way or another to increase the two factors relating to visibility and contrast. With extensive years of being a Fingerprint powder supplier, our fingerprint powder has been made in use by various crime scene technicians and latent print examiners. Proceeding on the method itself, the most common method of developing latent prints on mainly non-porous objects is to enhance them by applying our fingerprint powder physically. Often, the ingredients of the fingerprint powder can significantly vary depending on the formula used. The majority of the black fingerprint powder tends to contain rosin, black ferric oxide, and lampblack.

Over the years, being a recognized Fingerprint powder supplier, has helped us develop latent prints that are readily available and observable and can be collected, preserved, and examined. It's time that you get in touch with our Fingerprint powder supplier, experts and know our varying potential.