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Aflatoxin Detection Kit Supplier & BIS Approved Food Safety Consultant in India

We as an Aflatoxin Detection Kit Supplier India envision on providing the companies an invaluable asset on the road to certification; providing a GAP analysis, training and certification to an accredited food safety standard, as well as providing ongoing guidance and support to the management, and offering cost effective methods for achieving these standards. Our is to bridge the gap of safety, regulations and technological development between Industries which is primary lacking in the Indian food market. Our objective as a BIS Approved Food Safety Consultant is to provide relevant and necessary guidance to the food sectors, emerging start-ups in the same domain and help obtain necessary licenses and documents for various export and import activities. A close collaboration with FSSAI and FDA that can help us build a strong foundation in the near future.

  • Licensing & Registration
  • Import/Export Documentation
  • GMP & Hygiene Audits
  • Internal HACCP & FSMS 22000 Audits
  • Regulation and Compliance support
  • Testing & Calibration support

Licensing & Registration: As per FSSAI Guidelines, all food business needs to be registered or obtain State/Central License under the FoSCoS system set up by FSSAI, Ministry of Family and health welfare. Import & Export Documentation are required for fair trade practices as specified by WTO. Relevant documents and Analysis reports are required for exporting/Importing of food products as laid down by FSSAI. Internal Audits are a continuous technique of improvement for a food establishment asserting with the compliance of Regulations and well as it ensures a systematic functioning of the establishment in relevance to safety and quality criteria followed by it and for also obtaining certification via third party auditing. Our well Experienced team of BIS Approved Food Safety Consultant will effectively provide Technical, Analytical and documentative support wherever necessary.

We all know and understand that all food business operators require to comply with global food safety standards. Even as a restaurant owner, you need to abide by many food safety standards. And this is where the acute essentiality of a BIS Approved Food Safety Consultant comes into the limelight.

Do's of a BIS Approved Food Safety Consultant:

One of the primary functions of the Food Safety Consultant is to technologically assess your current practices through a food testing kit scored evenly according to global specifications. Our team of FTI Incorporation has always aimed at bridging the gap between safety and regulations. Being a recognized Aflatoxin Detection Kit Supplier India, we noticed the required lack of technological development in the industries thriving in the Indian Market, and now focus every bit of our expertise in layering the loopholes, making this market a short layer. As a BIS Approved Food Safety Consultant, we look at what your supplies are, how the delivery is, the factors at storage points, along with several other factors revolving around production, preparation, cooking, service, hygiene practices, cleanliness, maintenance, pest control, and training records.

When you tend to hire a food safety consultant, you should know that you are basically hiring extra support. Not only do they help in organizing and managing the system, but they also provide relevant advice. And this you can expect from us. Being a BIS Approved Food Safety Consultant, as well as an Aflatoxin Detection Kit Supplier India, our team, will be with you at every step of your business journey. Our comprehensive audit report highlights potential areas of noncompliance and focuses on providing a step-by-step execution of an extensive plan to enhance the global reputation and reducing the risk of enforcement.

Our years of experience as being a Food testing kit supplier and food safety consultant help us in providing a wide range of food safety consultancy services. The dedicated services that we provide offer sensible guidance and support to protect you, your business, your employees, and your esteemed customers. You will also benefit from the required peace of mind, further knowing that each and every factor of your company falls under safe and legal compliance.

We even offer and aim at providing expert assistance and support to meet these standards prior to and even during the certification process. We offer a perfect solution for businesses of every dimension. Our very motto is about believing the cultivation of food safety as a key at all levels of a company. Previously, we have helped hundreds of companies accomplish their food safety goals and now aim at going a level higher with you. Connect with us today and experience our dedicated expertise.