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Silver Nanoparticle Supplier

In the field of science, Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing sector. This sector has managed to absorb the interest of researchers since the early 90s of the last century. However, thanks to leaps in technological advancements, the industry has seen a tremendous hit in recent years. No doubt why Nanotechnology is said to be a "key technology of the 21st century".

Silver Nanoparticles, a vital substrate of nanotechnology, possess unique properties that find themselves a place in myriad applications ranging from antimicrobial, catalytic, anti-cancer, larvicidal, and even wound healing activities. Therefore, our team of FTI Incorporation also acts as an excellent Silver Nanoparticle supplier reaching the needs of various organizations and the pharmaceutical industry.

Understanding Silver Nanoparticles

On a daily basis, living organisms get exposed to bacteria, viruses, and fungi. All thanks to the properties of Silver Nanoparticles, it is seen as a great warrior in the fight against the pathogenic microbial activity. Silver is known to possess a substantial slowing down effect on their usual activity. When compared with the solid form of silver, the increased surface area of silver nanoparticles is held responsible for such therapeutic behaviour. This better surface area results in better contact with microorganisms and, thus, more effective biocidal activity.

As a Silver Nanoparticle supplier, we aim at providing the same to thousands of organizations, companies, and customers. Different categories include:

  • Nanospheres in solutions
  • Silica Shelled
  • Dried, in the form of silver nanopowders
  • Organic
  • Nanoplates
  • Nanocubes
  • Custome
  • Bimetallic

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